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Meet Our Instructors

We are a group of instructors that share the same philosophy of facilitating our classes and sessions with an open heart and the pure aim to provide a safe environment, support, compassion to anyone that will like to work with us in a beautiful journey of bringing peace and balance in one's life, mind and body. 

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Veatriki Kalopetridou

Breathwork, Chakradance, Meridian Stretching, Group Meditation & Energy healing, Private Energy healing (REIKI), Meridian Psychotherapy, Kids Yoga & Mindfulness. 

Certified Chakradance and  Breathwork facilitator (Holosomatic Breathwork), Certified Kids Yoga Instructor, Certified Meridian Psychotherapy instructor, Reiki / Holy Fire III Master.

Working with an open heart and a passion to facilitate people in their healing journey, her aim is to help adults and kids to find peace and happiness in their life. 


Christy Kyriakidou

Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yang Yoga, Art Therapy and Creative therapies, Holistic Coaching

200Hrs Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, 50Hrs Yin Yoga Instructor, MA Art Psycotherapy, BA Creative Expressive Therapies, Accredited Holistic Coach.

Her passion lays in creating a safe space for the individual to explore themselves and discover who they are and what is holding them back. Through a combination of different approaches, she facilitates this journey of exploration through mind, body and spirti. 


Angelos Messios

Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Spiritual Phsychology

200Hrs Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, Certified Creative Workshop Instructor, Currently training in Somatic Experience with 520hrs for 560hrs. 

His work revolves around the discovery and exploration of an individual's passion. Assisting humanity to a more aligned and fulfilling life. 


Stavri Kalopetridou

Exploring Movement / Contemporary Dance

Qualified professional contemporary dancer and dance teacher, who has created this beautiful class of allowing anyone to explore their movement through expressing feelings and opening up into a free movement and creativity. She is a positive person with a warm way of teaching.  


Lomi Lomi / Holistic / Sports Massage

Certified massage therapist using a combination of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi energy healing massage, Holistic and Sports massage. Working with his positive and supportive energy, he always provides a safe space for others and help them to overcome problems blocked in their body and energy field, allowing the free flow of energy through his massage unique technique.

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Gia Theodorou

Prenatal Harmony 

Qualified Prenatal Yoga teacher, Achology Certified Mindfulness Practitioner.

 Her dream is for children to grow and develop through love and laughter so as to never lose the connection with who they truly are. She is a firm believer that pregnancy is the foundation of a baby’s healthy development, both mental and physical.  

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Nicoleta Kalopetridou

Mandala Art Healing, Group Meditation and Energy Healing, 

Working with energy healing and combining her passion for Mandala Art she is facilitating classes to help people in their beautiful journey of finding who they truly are and release pain and trauma carried in them that is no longer needed.  


Eva Constantinidou

Aerial yoga (adults & kids) 


A certified aerial yoga instructor for both kids and adults. She is a warm person always ready to help others so she is placing a lot of importance in helping each of her students in her class to follow the poses properly but also to allow themselves to feel free and balance. 


Nandia Kyrianou

Functional Training,

Hatha Yoga

Qualified Functional Trainer and yoga teacher. She is an open heart person facilitating semi-private classes of functional training but also Hatha Yoga classes, with the intention to help anyone to improve body posture, strengthen the body and find balance physically but also within. She is a positive person passionate about a healthy way of thinking and living.   

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Stalia Nicolaou

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

A professional art performance, dance instructors that has studied Belly Dance, Hip-Hop, Argentine Tango and Latin Dance. As a tribal fusion teacher she teaches men and women to embrace and love their bodies and to share positive energy to each other.

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Marielen Andreou

Capoeira For Kids

A certified teacher for capoeira for kids for the age of 4 to 6! She is a lovely person, caring for kids and using creative methods to help them in their body and mind coordination, flexibility and strength but also in their self confidence and releasing of stress. 

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Marina Polyviou


Certified reflexologist and a person with a heart full of love and compassion, working with the aim to help people release stress and heal them self. Working with positive healing energy in her practice of reflexology and with love and kindness. 

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