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Yoga in Nature
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Yoga -Meditation - Strengthening -  Energy Healing - Breathwork -  Chakradance - Free expression - Dance - Massage - Reflexology

Freedom - Peace - Joy - Acceptance - Expression - Flexibility - Balance-Communication - Connections - Healing

Our aim is to help people to connect with their body, their energy and soul so as to find peacehappiness, create a healthy life-style, without stress, pain and fear. To love and accept themselves for all that they are, their life with all that comes with it and appreciate and enjoy every moment of it. 

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In our studio, our vision is to facilitate people to find peace, joy and meaning in their life, by going within, releasing uncomfortable feelings and patterns and balance the body, mind and soul. We create a safe space for people to express themselves and set their goals to achieve a happy and healthy way of life. To find ways of releasing and managing stress, pain, trauma and unwanted thoughts and feelings. And finally to learn how to spread their light in every moment of their beautiful life. 

Our aim, is to work with the above vision in every class, session, workshop, that we facilitate. We are providing to you a variety of methods and techniques, than can help all ages and levels (kids, teenagers and adults)!

Some of our classes

Take a look at some of the classes that we offer at our studio! We also invite you to click and find more information on each and on other classes that are available. They are many more, and getting information on each can help you to choose the ones that are more suitable for you. Of course for any questions, you can always contact us!


Want to join our workshops and retreats?

Visit our Workshops and Retreats page and find out what is next!

Our Top Rated Instructors

Our instructors' true purpose is to support our students to find the best way for them to feel safe to heal, find peace, express themselves freely and bring happiness and balance in ones body, mind and soul. Our mission is to always work with an open heart and facilitate anyone who would like to join our classes!


Veatriki Kalopetridou

Kids Yoga, Chakradance, Breathwork, Stretching & Energy movement, Group Meditation &  Energy Healing, Private Energy Healing & Breathwork


Christy Kyriakidou

Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Art Therapy, Creative Arts Therapies



Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga

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Nicoleta Kalopetridou

Group Meditation & Healing, Mandala Art Healing


Lomi Lomi / Holistic / Sports Massage 

Photo from Gia.jpg

Gia Theodorou

Prenatal Harmony

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Stavri Kalopetridou

Exploring Movement / Contemporary (adults & teens)


Eva Constantinidou

Aerial Yoga (adults & teens)



Nandia Kyprianou

Functional Training / Hatha Yoga

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Stalia photo.jpg

Stalia Nicolaou

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

Marielen photo.jpg

Marielen Andreou

Capoeira for Kids

Marian photo.jpg

Marian Polyviou


No commitment made - just come and try

Classes for all ages and levels

Small classes with personal attention given

A choice of classes to choose the best for you



Just wonderful !
It was the time that I need to be with myself! Nothing mattered at that time..only me! 


At the end of this journey, I was a whole new, improved person on all levels.


 I finally feel back on track and more relaxed.


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